Marketing Automation

A seamless approach

Purple Channel Ltd.
Using a combination of managed services, communication and web technologies, Purple Channel offers a seamless and intelligent approach to web forensics and email broadcasting.
Look no further for the right solution to breathe knowledge, data capturing, intelligence and personalisation into you website and email communications.

We do it all for you:

  • Content creation.
  • Cleaning and managing data.
  • Manipulate reporting to your needs.


Online Self service

  • Easy access to managing content.
  • Update contact lists with automatic de-duplications
  • Include other relevant data with your contact list for richer reporting and trend analysis.
  • View on demand real time reporting, analytics and delivery statistics.


From Pay as you go to Managed Service Agreements. Organisations choose the ePurple solution because of its flexibility to add more information gathering queries around your data. This value add to the ePurple application allows you to benchmark data sources against opened emails, how many clicked on specific links, along with reporting on undelivered and un subscriptions providing a deeper insight into business intelligence and analysing trends.

By bolting on ePurple Website Forensics Module you can track users revisiting your website and be notified in realtime when the contact visits an area on your website. By incorporating this into reports, it adds tremendous value to understanding communication and the resulting behaviours and activity allowing more intelligent trend analysis and to optimise contact strategies with very little effort

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